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It’s that time of year again! Can’t you feel the crisp in the air? The change in the wind? Aren’t your evenings getting a little cooler, and the days a little less hot?


Yeah, me neither 😏

it is after all, the middle of July in Florida (also know as the 7th circle of Hades, for those not from these parts).

BUT we must, I repeat we MUST think of the relief that is to come, to push us through! And what better way to do that, than booking your family’s Holiday shoot?

Back by popular demand, is Ashley Sanchez Photography’s annual Holiday Campfire Mini Sessions! This year, we will be shooting again at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, Florida for all of my Central Florida friends, and at Fort De Soto State Park in St. Petersburg, Florida for all of you in the Tampa Bay area!

Listen, I love Florida. Beach shoots are the best, and I can’t imagine a life where I’m not minutes away from digging my toes in the sand, but sometimes you want to throw on a sweater and cozy up to a fire. Sometimes it’s hard when you’re surrounded by palm trees and mosquitos in November and December to get into the Christmas spirit…but that’s why I created these!

This session is fully styled, from the cozy blankets to the s’mores and hot cocoa! It’s designed, both in location and ambience to look like a mountain escape in the middle of Florida. If you have children, this type of session is perfect, because the gooey s’mores and the cracklin’ campfire keep them happy and occupied. My handsome hubby, who just happens to be a Paramedic/Firefighter will be on scene assisting me, you and the campfire!

Here in Florida, we might not get autumn leaves or a first snow, but my skill and vision can craft photos that will transport you to a place beyond the sand and sea (bug spray still highly recommended 😉).

The sessions are $225.00, 20 minutes long and will include 5 digital images, a free digital Holiday Card design, and a custom FB timeline photo. You will have the option to add extra digital files, the entire digital gallery, and to purchase prints or products from my professional lab. If you’re interested in booking and for more information, click the links below! First come, first serve and they will go fast! I require a $100.00 deposit to secure your spot 😊. I hope to see you there! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite shots from last year!

Now, off to turn down my AC by another degree.

               BOOK Central Florida/Lake Louisa Campfire Mini

                   BOOK Tampa Bay/Fort De Soto Campfire Mini


St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0017.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0016.jpg


As a mother to three wonderful babies myself, I find myself wondering when “3 or more” became what defined a large family. It’s strange how the times change, seems like not to long ago it was normal to have a brood! But for her, when people saw this sweet momma was on her fourth, their eyes grew to the size of saucers.

“Wow you’ve got your hands full!”

Always the sentiment of well meaning strangers 🙂

But truthfully, this family handles life with such grace that they’re the kind you PRAY continues to bring wonderful, giggling, loving, squishy life into this, oftentimes, scary world. Trust me, there is enough love to go around, and then some!

This sweet little boy is now the smallest of 4, and the second boy. It’s a picture perfect life…not without it’s hardships and struggles, sure…but every day, and every moment is taken one at at time, and savored the whole way

I love my St. Petersburg Families!

St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_010.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_001.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_002.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_003.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_004.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_005.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_006.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_007.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_008.jpg


St. Petersburg, Florida! When most people here about this great city of mine, they think about the beach. And they should! Tampa Bay is home to some of the top rated beaches in the world, and I have, of course, done my fair share of sessions on it’s sandy shores.

However, when you call this place home, sometimes you covet the rustic look of the wheat fields of the midwest, or the rolling mountains of the northeast. It’s not always easy to find a spot to match a clients vision when all you have is flat land to work with.

When this gorgeous momma contacted me and wanted something rustic, I set out on a mission to find a St. Pete spot that was decidedly “un- St. Pete”. My search ended when I scouted Weedon Island Preserve. A gorgeous piece of land in the middle of Pinellas County, it had several lush spots that served my clients vision perfectly.

Now look at this adorable family! Their styling was ON POINT. Those colors! This family was so naturally happy, I truly just got to do what I love best; be a fly on the “wall” and shoot away. They made my job easy as pie!

An check out the supermoon we had the evening of this pic! Pure magic from golden hour straight into dusk.

Sure a pleasure to capture this family!


The Gulf Shore is as American as apple pie! The salty ocean air, the warm gulf stream waters, the shells and the sand.

You can almost taste the TwisteeTreat (extra sprinkles!)

A trip to the gulf coast is a tradition that continues for many American families today.

But this American family is anything but traditional…and don’t you love that? The story these pictures tell is one of a modern family, bonded together by LOVE not just just blood.

Several years ago, after an extremely challenging and life threatening pregnancy with her oldest daughter (that ultimately led to a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis), this gorgeous momma thought it best if never carried naturally again. Their hearts were still wide open and they had so much more love to give, so they made the decision to adopt sweet Roger from an unplanned teenage pregnancy.

As anyone with a diagnosis like her’s knows, it’s a constant battle. However with the help of her amazing husband (who runs the wildly successful blog and podcast, together they set out on a journey to change their health and their lifestyles and become vegan. With the help of her doctors, this beautiful momma was able to tame her disease enough to feel comfortable carrying another child.

She cast her fear completely to the ocean breeze, and the found their way to a complete family.

I love the symbolism of the waves crashing upon this family and washing back out into the sea. It’s such a picture of life! One obstacle comes and knocks you off of your feet, and then just like that it’s gone. It’s all about how we take the waves, isn’t it?

I challenge you to let them crash over you with the joy and fearlessness this family does, taking each wave together and facing them head on. Finding the joy and fun in the ebb and flow of life.

It was a terrific honor, to capture this family.

– Location: Indian Shores Beach, St. Petersburg, FL- Greater Tampa bay
– Lens: Sigma Art 35mm
St. Petersburg_Family_Session.jpg


You can’t tell by looking at these pictures, but six years ago this adorable family faced the toughest mountain anyone could climb.

There were only three of them then…mommy, daddy, and sweet little Annabelle Joy. Heartbreakingly they had to say goodbye to their first sweet little baby, when they found out she was born with a very rare genetic disorder called SCID (or severe combined immunodeficiency disorder), also know as “Bubble Boy Disease.”

It was a dark time without a whole lot of light. This type of heartbreaking reality can destroy a family, and their story was almost no different.

And then?


Despite all of the odds this couple came together in their belief that God had a plan for there lives. A plan for their story. Instead of falling apart, they fell together into the arms of their beloved father! In spite of the odds (1 in 4), Audrey and Kyle went on to have two completely healthy children! first precious little Noah, and then lastly…another little girl, Victoria.

Named for the way this family defines themselves now; Victorious! Overcoming what the enemy meant for harm, just like their savior did so many years ago.

God continues to bless this family, returning what has been lost to them 10 fold in this life, and even more in the life to come. (Luke 18:30)

It was my absolute honor to capture the pure joy that is this inspirational family.

– Location: Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont, FL- Greater Orlando
– Lens: Sigma Art 35mm