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Level Twelve Premier Senior Sessions- St. Petersburg-Chelsea

When you first see Chelsea, you are immediately taken by her striking beauty.

Her fair skin, dark eyes, and gorgeous chestnut hair, make it almost impossible to stop looking! And then? She smiles! And it’s all over. She reminds me so much of a young Andie Macdowell.

Obviously I try not to put too much emphasis on physical appearance, because as we all know, there is so much more beneath the surface that defines someone’s beauty (and Chelsea is no exception). But it’s hard not to mention it, in Chelsea’s case. She is just so stunning!

But what is beauty without brains? Chelsea will never need to know the answer.

Chelsea is an ambitious young lady. At, St. Pete High, where she will be a senior, Chelsea is enrolled in (and dominates) the International Baccalaureate Program, an intense and rigorous high school program that prepares students to be well rounded and globally minded. For those who take on this huge and challenging task, the work load is doubled and in some cases tripled! And Chelsea manages it with grace.

One of the things I love most about Chelsea is her honesty. She talked about how she had to learn to manage her anxiety when it came to school work her freshman year. Instead of quitting or letting it get the best of her, she actively pursued solutions…and one of those was co-founding the Yoga Club at her school. And now she serves as VP of the club!She is passionate about balancing her life with activities that calm her. Her ability to be so well rounded, amazes me.

So how will she fill her spare time in her senior year(😂)? She is Vice President of the English Honor Society, Service Chair for the Rojan’s service Club, and she volunteers as a tutor for freshman students entering the IB program. She was recently named Captain of the St. Petersburg High School Devilettes Dance Team!

One of my very favorite fun facts about Chelsea, is that every year she accompanies her father on trips around the world. She has visited Slovenia, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Belgium, London and Tokyo. So well traveled and only 17!

No wonder there is so much life and wisdom behind those striking brown eyes.

This young woman is such an inspiration and role model to me, and she is half my age! I just hope I can adequately capture her spirit, because it is tangible. I’m so humbled that I get to try.

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