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Level Twelve Premier Senior Sessions- St. Petersburg, Fl- Sierra

So, you know when you were a little girl, there was always this person you idolized? That older teenage girl that you just wanted to be? Like your best friend’s cool older sister, or that babysitter who always brough Seventeen Magazine over, and looked like the model on the cover?

For me, that was Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell. There was just something about her effortless beauty. She was young and beautiful and sweet, all with out really trying to be. She was an enigma. And no matter what you did to try and emulate her casual sense of cool, it didn’t matter…because it radiated from inside her. It was something you could become.

That’s Sierra.

I can’t help but wonder how many little girls see her and think, “that’s exactly who I want to be!”

She’s as sweet as she is sun kissed, and her inner joy shines as brightly as the natural highlights in her hair. She radiates!

Sierra was actually the first of my senior girls I had the pleasure of meeting, when she modeled for my promo shoot. I feel in love with her straight away.

She has a strong faith that’s carried her through one of the toughest things a young woman can face; being the new face. She moved states in the middle of her high school career, and landed right here in St. Petersburg…but she embraced it with her contagious optimism. She’s easy going, but I have no doubt that a lot of that comes from her knowing that life is in the hands of someone much greater than her, who loves her an awful lot.

Sierra makes her own jewelry! And it is breathtaking. I actually had no idea about this, until she showed up to the shoot with a bag full of accessories that we all “oooh”ed and “ahhhh”ed over! It’s really quite unreal, and such a talent.

She’s a self proclaimed movie and music buff, which is right up my alley! And she’s going to rock senior year at Keswick Christian.

I’m so proud to say that Sierra is on my team, and I am so lucky to get to know her. I count all of the girls as my friends, and I won’t lie…it’s a little fun to say I’m friends with a real life “Kelly Kapowski” 😉
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